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How Many Cars Are There in the USA 2012

There are 300 million cars in the USA 2012

According to the US Bureau of Transit Statistics for 2004 there are 243,023,485 registered passenger vehicles in the US. Out of these roughly 243 million vehicles, 136,430,651 (56.13%) were classified as cars, while 91,845,327 (37.79%) were classified as “Other 2 axle, 4 tire vehicles,” presumably SUVs and pick-up trucks. Yet another 6,161,028 (2.53%) were classified as vehicles with 2 axles and 6 tires and 2,010,335 (0.82%) were classified as “Truck, combination.” There were approximately 5,780,870 motorcycles in the US in 2004, which accounts for 2.37% of all registered passenger vehicles.

No one knows how many cars there are in America. Many are not registered and are stored, in salvage yards, and some just sitting idle. But, there are approximately 250 million registered vehicles on the road today. That figure includes all types of vehicles.

Approximately 16 million new vehicles are sold annually.

Here is an estimate using simple algebra

C: number of cars

P: number of people: P=305,541,491 as of 3 Jan 2009

C < P: the number of cars is probably less than the population of the United States, since only the rich have more than one car per family, and many families have no cars. Cn = P where n is > 1 by the above reasoning

C = P/n (d’oh)

Let N = 5

The number of cars C is therefore 305,541,491/5=61,108,298

We figured this out before looking at the answer of “sixty-two million registered cars”.

Pretty slick!

The answer for 2007 is 136 million cars, 110 million trucks, about 1 million buses for a total of 247 million registered vehicles.