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How Many Websites Were There in 2012

In the 2012 survey, a comprehensive review of the web landscape revealed responses from an impressive 612,843,429 websites. This marked a substantial increase of 30 million hostnames, reflecting a growth rate of +5.2% compared to January of the same year.

Server Market Share Dynamics

Noteworthy in this period was the rise of nginx as the only server experiencing a significant market share boost, gaining 0.27 percentage points. Apache demonstrated growth with an increase of 19 million hostnames; however, its market share remained static. Microsoft and Google, despite gaining 3.9 million and 450,000 hostnames respectively, witnessed a slight dip in market share.

Million Busiest Sites Analysis

Delving into the Million Busiest Sites category, nginx continued its consistent growth, adding over 12,000 new sites. Conversely, Apache faced a notable setback, losing 18,000 hostnames during the same period.

Resin Application Server Growth

A standout in this analysis is the Resin application server, experiencing robust growth over the preceding 12 months. From 480,000 hostnames in February 2011, it surged almost tenfold to reach 4.7 million, constituting 0.77% of the market in February 2012. Resin, a Java application server developed by Caucho, found application on several of the Million Busiest Sites, including Bebo, which had recently recovered from an outage.

Overall Trends in Server Market Share

The table below outlines the market share for top servers across all domains, active sites across all domains, and the Million Busiest Sites from January 2012 to February 2012.

Developer January 2012 Percent February 2012 Percent Change

Apache 378,267,399 64.91% 397,867,089 64.92% 0.01

Microsoft 84,288,985 14.46% 88,210,995 14.39% -0.07

nginx 56,087,776 9.63% 60,627,200 9.89% 0.27

Google 18,936,381 3.25% 19,394,196 3.16% -0.09

This data provides valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of web servers during the early months of 2012.