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How Many Electric Cars Are There in the World

Posted by: admin Posted date: FEBRUARY 26, 2012 In: World | Comment : 1 | 2,479 views

According to research done by 2020, 10 percent of the total car market is estimated thatís next-generation electric cars will occur. That is 6 million units in 2020 will reach the number of electric cars on the roads.

A total of 5 percent of the market research conducted in Europe is expected to `Scroll electric cars will occur. 600-800 thousand units per year after 10 years is estimated to sell electric car. Used by electric cars, fleets and government agencies in the first place, only 10 percent is expected to be made by individual customers in the use of `hood.

On this prediction, in almost all automotive companies began producing electric cars.

Some models of electric car: Nissan Leaf, Peugeot iOn, Mitsubishi iMIEV, Renault Kangoo ZE, Renault Fluence ZE, Fisher Karma, Opel Ampera, Chevrolet Volt, Tesla, Volvo C30, Citroen C Zero.