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All that You Should Know about Web Design

Web design is the creation of electronic web pages to be accessed through the internet as a website. Several visual elements are used in web designing. These elements include layout, color and graphics.

It is the way in which graphics, texts and ads are laid out in a website. The color used in a website depends on certain issues and can be used to show the personality of a person or an organization. Graphics are the images and pictures are used to enhance user friendliness in a website. Fonts are also used to enhance a website. All the components of a website are its content.

A website is a collection of related web pages which are orderly laid out. A web designer is person or a company that specializes in commercial development of websites. Examples web design companies include DC web designers, Toronto web Designers, acs creative web designers among many others. Different types of websites include educational websites, marketing websites, law websites and blogs. Examples of different types of web designers include attorney web designers, law firm web designers.

A good website is determined by various factors as the ones i have listed below. The way in which the site menus and other tools are arranged in a website is what we refer to as navigation.

Multimedia is the video and audio contained in the website. Compatibility enables webpages to be displayed in many different platforms hence increasing viewers to a website. A modern web designer should incorporate emerging and new technological features such as movement, location tracking and instant robotic response in their websites. Interactivity makes a website popular to the end users as it involves users.

Several tools are used in web design. For a website to be available in the internet, it must be registered through a domain name and hosted either locally or by a hosting company either freely on a premium basis. Some of the jobs in the web design industry include web hosting, web designing, internet service providers, domain name service providers and blogging. Web design can be self-taught or can be learned in a school, college or in university. Websites are good for advertising due to their wide coverage something which compels many companies to opt for websites.

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