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What Makes People Think That Willy Wonka And Ready Player One Are Oddly Similar?

Anyone would surely be able to reminisce the time when Charlie from the Willy Wonka movie had opened a winning bar of chocolate with his golden ticket. Charlie became the underdog of the movie, one who was able to get a golden ticket when everyone least expected it and among all the other winners, he was definitely the one with the purest intention when visiting the factory. Those who were able to see Charlie go beyond everyone’s expectation was definitely intrigued with his experienced and wondered what it would be like if they were Charlie and of course, at the same time, they have also certainly developed a craving for luscious chocolates.

Just recently, a new movie played from a book called Ready Player One was released and although it may seem like out of the blue, this is because it bears some semblance with the stunning Willy Wonka movie. It is not surprising if you find yourself wondering how Willy Wonka and Ready Player One is related and if you want to know more about their connection, you’re in the right place as the information below will surely be the key you need.

It is not surprising that we are not much aware of Charlie’s journey in order to finally buy the chocolate bar which resulted in him getting the golden ticket. Being poor and all, Charlie definitely didn’t have much money to try his luck time and time again with chocolate bars, and thus his golden ticket chocolate bar is only from the money given by his grandfather. It is apparent that Charlie had the greatest luck because out of all the kids in London, especially existence of rich kids, he was one of the winners despite coming from a poor family. He betrayed all odds and expectations and rose to beat the challenge of Willy Wonka. Ready Player One plays in the midst of this premise – an underdog coming from a poor family and working hard to overcome some challenges.

Like Ready Player One, Charlie also faced a tempting offer before going to the factory. Charlie was subjected to a test by Willy Wonka, who sent his trusted assistant who seemed to have a demeanor wherein one would think he needs to know how to fix a receding hairline, and from him, Charlie got an offer of money to steal a Gobstopper from the Factory which Charlie overcame.

There’s also the fact that both the movie has great and outstanding prize for its stars. Willy Wonka received the entire factory by overcoming the challenge and amazingly Wade from the Ready player one was able to get his hands on the Virtual World as well.